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CULT Cinema & Bar

Hear My Eyes at CULT Cinema & Bar. Melbourne electronic masterminds Sleep D sonically re-interpret David Lynch’s surrealistic nightmare Eraserhead.
Eraserhead defies comprehension for even the most adventurous viewer, but more basically, it’s a gross, relentless assault on the senses.

The New York Times

Forty years since it’s release, David Lynch’s ERASERHEAD is still blowing minds. This bizarre, entrancing, wonderous film is considered Lynch’s seminal work and still remains one of his most perplexing. An ode to parenthood and reproduction, Lynch’s grotesque body-horror is not a film you’ll be able to erase from your head easily.

From the southern fringe of Melbourne, Sleep D are quickly establishing themselves as the axis of the Australian electronic subterranean. The duo send dancers around the bend with their weekly DJ sets and compelling live performances that have transposed riverside amphitheatres, Boiler Room, Berlin Atonal, Panorama Bar, Inner Varnika and Golden Plains Festival.