Hear My Eyes are excited to announce
their involvement in the
2016 melbourne fringe festival


Event information:

Live Music:
Emma Russack
Errol Green (Exotic Snake)
Lucas Skinner dj set (King Gizzard)

Short Films:
Migration (2015, USA)
Yùl and the Snake (2015, France)

Venue: Fringe Hub: Arts House - Festival Club
521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne

9:30pm, Wednesday the 28th of September, 2016
Free Entry

Immerse yourself in a chilled-out short film/live music mashup for an audio-visual experience that pushes conventional forms to their limits. With the screen on mute, some of Melbourne’s best independent musicians perform specially written short film soundtracks and some of their own hits.

Get down early to here Lucas Skinner (King Gizzard) open the night by spinning some super seductive tunes from his personal vinyl collection. 

Soon after Lucas' set, singer/songwriter Emma Russack will perform a collection of modern day poems off her recent record 'In A New State'. Emma will then play her live reinterpretation of the short film 'Migration' with accompaniment by Monty Hartnett on drums (Miris, Sleep Decade, Dreamin' Wild). Migration is a short film that explores the migratory pattern of a herd of wild creatures and was produced using is a combination of celluloid images and digital animation. 

After this, Errol Green (Exotic Snake) will nestle himself under your arm, spit out some of his signature beats, then peacefully lull you into a luscious synth dream. Errol is also the frontman of the addictive, yet elusive Melbourne band 'Yolke', who create synth based sparkle funk and o-so ripe party jams. Errol (Exotic Snake) will be reinterpreting the animated short film 'Yùl and the Snake'. The film tells the story of Yùl, a 13 year old boy who goes with his big brother Dino to conclude a deal with Mike, a thug escorted by his aggressive pet mastiff. When things go wrong, a mysterious snake appears.

Listen to Emma Russack's 'In A New State'


Migration trailer:

Yùl and the Snake trailer: