Event information:

Live Music: 'Dreamin' Wild' and 'Local Group'
Short Films: 'Deep Space' and 'Fragments of Doberman'
Venue: Howler, Brunswick
Date: 8:00pm, Wednesday the 3rd of August, 2016

Hear My Eyes are excited to announce their final residency show at Howler as part of a winter short film residency. Winter Shorts Residency - Part 3 will feature luminous jazz sweethearts 'Dreamin' Wild' and instrumental country rock trio 'Local Group', each performing a live set of music and providing a new score to a short film.

We are also EXTREMELY excited to be premiering the short film 'Fragments of Doberman' by Melbourne independent filmmaker, Lucy Kostos. Lucy has directed, shot, edited and hand-processed the film in 16mm and will be wheeling in a celluloid projector to use on the night! This will be the first time Hear My Eyes has ever screened celluloid film. 

dreamin' wild

Dreamin’ Wild is a five piece band from Victoria’s coastal and regional areas, with members from Sleep Decade, Sagamore, Zig Zag and Crepes (just to name a few). This band is a Jazzy reaction to current and old music allowing these boys to create their own version of stadium jazz before your ears. Coming from the release of their latest 7” single – Bossa Nova//Doncaster Shadow and gearing up for the release of their first album. These guys are guaranteed to give you an evening of smart casual, pleasure filled delight.

Dreamin' Wild will be reinterpreting the short film 'Deep Space'. The main protagonist, Brandon, is given his first intergalactic mission: to find an intelligent species. For months he will live a strange experience on a planet with surprising manners. Our astronaut will have to resist mentally and physically with his all being. 

dreamin' wild: soundcloud; facebook.

Local group

Local Group waltz through and weave down long winding roads with smoke rising from somewhere on the side. They are a three piece, consisting of drums, guitar, guitar. There is no definitive lead role in the band as they all sing and take on melody; this makes for a very open experience in which each member can traverse and wander round each tune, purveying, picking and scraping for a sound fitting to each others hitting or scratching. At times very gentle and others fierce and abrasive, the word torrid comes to mind.. perhaps torrent? Think oceans and sad driving, contemplating business when you should be in bed. Slam dunk! that's Local Hoop.

Local Group will be providing a live soundtrack for Lucy Kostos' short film 'Fragments of Doberman', an experimental celluloid film that opens up a dialogue between audio and visual. Fragments of Doberman is a collection of images developed in response to the peaks and rhythms of eclectic sound. Lucy has hand-processed her film in 16mm, and explored chemical manipulation and in-camera edits to create a hypnotic projection of visuals. 

Lucy is a member of Artist Film Workshop who are an artist-run group in Melbourne convened by Nanolab, a platform for experimental film that facilitate workshops for those wanting to develop an interest in the ephemeral medium of 8mm and 16mm. 

local group: Bandcamp; facebook.

artist film workshops: website; facebook.

Still from 'Fragments of Doberman'

Still from 'Fragments of Doberman'